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Fire & Rescue

Safeguarding not only lives of the people in accident but also the firefighting personnel is equally important in any fire rescue operations. APES is pioneer in providing special fire Fighting and Emergency Rescue vehicles which meets both the purposes

QRV - A Quick Response Vehicle

Latest cutting edge state of art technology system with combined features and functionality of both Fire Tendering as well as Emergency Rescue Operation, and capable of moving at high speeds. Its compact and light weight structure enables to reach the accident spot and its combined function helps to perform the complete job within no time, whereby savings valuable lives & Livelihood!! We serveā€¦.to Conserve

Standard Features & Functionality

  • Fire Fighting System with Water storage tank
  • Primary tools for 21 various functions of Rescue
  • More details in specifications document

Piercing Nozzle Vehicle

The piercing Extinguisher system consists of a mixture of water and cutting agent (abrasive) being ejected through a special nozzle at high pressure to piercing through all kind of building and construction materials.

The method facilitates combating fire and fire gases from the outside of the fire location. The high pressure of the water results in very high velocity and dispersal of the water into droplets. Once a roof, wall, door, casing, car body or similar construction, has been penetrated the cutting medium is shut off and only water is applied through the thumbnail-size hole in the form of a very finely distributed mist.

As the penetration hole is so small no oxygen is admitted to the fire area, which significantly boosts the firefighting effect. The smaller the opening to the fire area, the more effectively the temperature will be reduced, as the mass of gas will be more easily made inert if the area is completely sealed. The water vapour stays longer in the area and the temperature is reduced accordingly.

Standard Features & Functionality

  • Fire Fighting System with Water storage tank
  • Piercing System
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