The products offered by Trend Electronics can be broadly classified under the following areas  
  1. Enterprise servers based on architecture like, WINDOWS, MS WINDOWS SERVER & ADVANCE SERVER, LINUX, NOVELL CITRIX ETC.
  2. HP, IBM, DELL range of Servers and Desktops, GRAPHICS, CADCAM, FILM EDITING and MACHINTOSH Based Systems.
  3. Facility Management Services
  4. Mobile computing products and Complete WiFi Solution
  5. Networking products and Structured Cabling Solutions including NAS & SAN with HP/Tandberg/Linksys
  6. VPN and Leased Line Solutions
  7. Implementation and support on E-mail based soft ware's viz.LOTUS NOTES/R5/EXCHANGE SERVER / POSTMASTER / M-DEAMON /LINUX.
  8. Firewall implementation and security policy deployment. (Both Hardware and Software)CISCO PIX/ Sonic FireWall / Fortinet
  9. Co-location of servers and ISP, installation and configuration of WEB servers.
  10. Complete range of power conditioning systems.
  11. On Virus support we have tied up with TREND Micro/ MC-afee
  12. Data Backup and Recovery Services
  13. OnSite and Bench repair Service ( Mobile Service Van )

Accessories Available:


IDE to USB 2.0 / 2.5 / 3.5 / 5.25 HDD, CD - RW, etc.

  1. Supports 2.5" hard disk
  2. USB2.0 interface
  3. Capacity up to 80GB and above

PCI USB 2.0 + Firewire Combo Card
Chipset: NEC+Ali FireWire Function:
Compliant with IEEE 1394 - 1395 and 1394A


Web Camera

  1. Supports up to 30fps VGA video display
  2. 640 x 480 high resolution CMOS sensor

Computer Accessories

  1. 17" LCD mainboard, inverter, OSD control board, speaker, adaptor
  2. 26 adjustment functions including auto geometry adjustment,
    phase, clock, sharpness, saturation, color, auto color balance, OSD display
    time, H / V position, and transparency
  Intel LAN Card 82559
The 82559 10 / 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet controller with an integrated
10 / 100Mbps physical layer device is Intel's leading solution for
PCI board LAN designs. The 82559 combines a low power and
small package design which is ideal for power and space constrained
environments. It is designed for use in Network Interface
Cards (), PC LAN On Motherboard () designs, embedded systems
and networking system products.


  1. GPU: RadeonĀ® 9800 XT
  2. Memory: 256MB 256Bit DDR SDRAM
  3. Core /memory speed: 412 / 730MHz
  4. AA samples: 19.8G samples / sec.
  5. Memory bandwidth: 23.36GB / s






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